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My First Song!


Today I’d like to show you my first song. Me and my Dad made this when I was 6 years old. I made the words and Dad made the Music. And you get to hear him sing too!

I hope you like it! Leave me a comment!



  • wieke waqenaar


  • Diana Amstrong (Josh ,Jake,Bens'grandma

    Sophie, I really love your singing. You did a great job on this. God bless you Sophie. Hope you do lots more singing..

  • Dayna

    Declan sings this song all the time! We love it Sophia!

  • Lee

    Hi Sophia,

    I just got to hear your song for the first time and I think it’s absolutely fantastic. Great work! I’m going to play it for my nephews as well, I have a feeling they’re going to love it!

    Thank you for sharing your talent!

    • Lee


      My apologies, I should have proofread my comment! I see I wrote Sophia, when I definitely meant Sophie!!! I have been called by the wrong name many times so I should’ve been extra careful there. Oooopps!


  • Carol

    My new FAVOURITE song! Well done Sophie! You both sound terrific… Thanks for sharing!

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