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Lucy And Todd

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Lucy And Todd

Once upon a time there was puppy. Her name was Lucy. Her owners took very good care of her and fed her every day. Two blocks down from Lucy, there was another family. They also had a puppy and his name was Todd. Lucy and Todd always loved to play with each other in the back yard.

One day Lucy and Todd were going for a walk and right behind them “SWOOP” a big net caught Lucy. Todd ran towards the truck as fast as he could but the truck was faster. Soon the truck was gone.Todd barked and barked at the owners pulling towards the truck but Todd’s owners just wouldn’t listen. So, Todd went out to find Lucy himself.

Soon Todd got to a big boat. So, Todd jumped into one of the humans suitcases and got on the boat quick enough. Then Todd saw Lucy in a little package. So, Todd ripped a hole through the package and got Lucy out. Then they jumped out of the boat.

Soon they found a dock and went to go climb on. Then a big bird swooped down and asked  “Do you want a lift back home?” Todd and Lucy said “Yes!”

So, the bird took them back home.

After that crazy adventure Todd and Lucy had a snack back at home. They had their favourite: BISCUITS!



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