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Lucy And Todd

Lucy And Todd Once upon a time there was puppy. Her name was Lucy. Her owners took very good care of her and fed her every day. Two blocks down from Lucy, there was another family. They also had a puppy and his name was Todd. Lucy and Todd always loved to play with each other in the back yard. One day Lucy and
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The Rabbit Who Found A Friend

This is my story about a lonely rabbit who found a friend! I hope you like it. Leave me a comment!

The Magic Book – Book 2 – The Land Of The Giant Bugs

This is book 2 in my Series called The Magic Book. In this story, Anica travels to the land of the giant bugs and has another adventure there. I hope you like it!  

The Magic Book – Book 1 – Dinosaur Time

This is part 1 in my new series of stories called “The Magic Book”.  It’s an adventure story! I love adventure stories so I’m going to write a bunch of them. I hope you like it. What other adventures should I write about? You can leave me a comment at the bottom.

Hungry, The Hungry Caterpillar

This is my story about a very hungry caterpillar named Hungry. This is like a book my mom and dad used to read to me when I was little but I like mine better! When I first learned to read, I read this book and thought that it could be better and longer so I made my own version! What do you think?